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  • Str8bat Cricket Bat Sensor
  • Str8bat Cricket Bat Sensor
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Str8bat Cricket Bat Sensor

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Convert your normal bat into a 'Smart Bat'

Introducing! A revolutionary technology product for cricketers! The str8bat cricket bat sensor uses cutting edge technology to measure, record and analyse data about your batting performance.  

Your Game.Your Data. Get actionable insights into your batting, with the str8bat cricket bat sensor.  str8bat cricket bat sensor is a featherlight device that sticks to the back of your cricket bat and uses IOT based technology to measure every movement, every shot hit by your cricket bat. str8bat cricket bat  sensor generates data and insights that will help you improve your game every day, every session. Following are the key highlights: 

  • 360-degree 3D view of every shot you play.
  • Timing Index: Analysis of your timing of every shot. 
  • Sweetspot Index: How many shot were hit at sweetspot
  • Wagon Wheel: A diagrammatic represntation of your entire gameplay
  • Bat swing speed and Impact Speed
  • One str8bat sensor and share it with as many friends as you want.
  • 1 Y warranty on the sensor from the date of purchase.
  • Get the str8bat technology embraced by professionals across the globe, and get the same game insights at your fingertips.

 Str8bat App?

  • See your batting stats like Sweetspot index, Bat Speed, Impact Speed, Timing, Bat lift angle and many more on the app (The launch offer Includes a 1-year App Subscription on your purchase of the sensor)
  • The app lets you share your cricket stats with coaches and fellow cricketers.
  • The app subscription gives you access to cricket coaching videos from the top coaches in the world, and much more.