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  • Omtex Fielding Gloves
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Omtex Fielding Gloves


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Practice makes perfect as the old adage goes. We know this all too well. However, we also know that lots of practice – especially when it comes to catching – hurts!

That's why we have designed a pair of catching gloves made to protect you from the pain that hundreds of catches can cause, without giving you an advantage that would render the practice worthless. omtex Catching Gloves are designed to fit the contours of your hand intuitively and to offer comfort and feel, you'll be able to pick up and play in the catching gloves that are used by international teams across Test cricket. The padded and gripped palms work only to replicate the feeling of your fingers, not by giving you an extra purchase. Your hands will be taken care of in these beauties.

The open cuff design of the catching gloves ensures your mobility will never be compromised, allowing you to perform to your maximum. The fit of the gloves is exceptional, feeling like a second skin and allowing you a fantastic feel while catching practice. Wearing gloves has longevity benefits too, protecting and providing a barrier between your hands and the leather.

If you want to improve your performance and look after your catching gloves and if you are looking to do some extra catching practice this season, do it in Omtex cricket catching gloves and look after your most crucial cricketing asset – your hands.



  • Open cuff design for increased mobility
  • Brilliant fit to maximize performance
  • Fabric specification 60% cotton 20% spandex 20% polyester