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Kookaburra Shadow 250

SKU: AAC-KB-S250-21-1
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Bat Details:

Grade: 4
Weight: 1164 gm
Handle: Oval
Edge Size: 43 mm
Spine Height: 60 mm
Toe Size: 29 mm
Toe Type: Square

Features of Kookaburra Shadow 250 English Willow Cricket Bat : 

The Best of Ghost Style- Selected and Graded by Kookaburra Master Bat Maker.

  • Unbleached English Willow.
  • Dynamic Power Shaped Face.
  • Powerful Profile with High Extended Spine and Super Bow.
  • Powerdrive-12 Piece Sarawak Cane Round Handle for strength and flexibility
  • Kookaburra Pre Prepared (KPP).
  • Naturally Air Dried.