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  • gray nicolls ignite beast
  • gray nicolls ignite beast
  • gray nicolls ignite beast
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Gray Nicolls Ignite Beast

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Bat Details:

Grade: 2
Weight: 1162 gm
Handle: Oval
Edge Size: 36 mm
Spine Height: 61 mm
Toe Size: 30 mm
Toe Type: Semi Rounded


  • Gray Nicolls Ignite Beast English Willow Cricket Bat Size Men is designed with front foot domination in mind.
  • If you are an upcoming cricketer looking for a bat that will take your game up a gear this season, the Ignite might be the one for you.
  • Gray Nicolls Beast cricket bat will allow you to hit hard straight down the ground while opening up a 360-degree hitting zone thanks to its tremendous pick-up.
  • The pick-up of the Gray Nicolls Ignite Beast bat is kept supremely light thanks to the bat's innovative shaping, which takes away the weight that is often felt on bats with tower middles.
  • The low middle swell is matched by intimidating edges, which will ensure maximum value for the shot; even if you don't quite middle it.
  • A new face shape allows for an extreme feel, allowing you to guide the ball into gaps to find runs where others wouldn't.
  • The Ignite's toe gives the bat an imposing feel when looking down at it from your stance - there's no better feeling than this for a batsman.