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DSC Limited Edition Wicket Keeping Inners


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Inner Gloves, Designed to support natural movement with a shape that's super comfortable. These wicket-keeping inner gloves are lightweight & highly durable.

  • Leather palm for fantastic comfort
  • 2-inch hook and loop sweatband cuff providing a tremendous fit
  • The gloves are comfortable and mould to the hand as if they aren't even there
  • It provides a superb extra layer of protection for ムkeepers, a position that is called into action ball after ball
  • It fits beautifully beneath the main wicket-keeping gloves, maximizing the performance of your gear
  • Elasticated waistband for comfort fit
  • Provides better grip over the ball
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Designed to support the natural movement with a shape that's fitted and super comfortable
  • Built from high-quality materials to combine durability with a superior level of perfection
  • Enhances the life of wicket keeping gloves