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New Balance DC 1280 Players Edition(Steve Smith)

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Bat Details:

Grade: 1+
Weight: 1207 gm
Handle: Semi Oval
Edge Size: 40 mm
Spine Height: 64 mm
Toe Size: 30 mm
Toe Type: Square
  • Carved from the finest, premium-grade English willow, the Players Edition is the bat of choice for first-class players. Find the gaps and take your chances as you build your innings, scoring all around the wicket. Designed for the Dynamic Cricketer who isn’t afraid of taking risks and reaping the rewards, you’ll feel the ball fly and you connect with the sweet spot.

    • Grade - SH Premium Players Grade 1
    • Handle - Round 6 Piece Singapore Cane
    • Profile - Large Edges & Sweet Spot
  • Used by Australian Player Steve Smith