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BAS Premium Kashmir Willow Cricket Kit


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DSC Premium Cricket Kit

The DSC Premium Cricket Kit has all the cricket equipments a serious player needs. This cricket kit is a great option for players who are looking for an affordable and good quality cricket kit.

DSC Premium Cricket Kit Contents

  • 1 Condor Flicker Bat made from best quality Kashmir Willow
  • 1 Guard Helmet made from best quality material
  • 1 Pair Condor Atmos Batting Pad with Traditional Cane Construction for maximum shock absorption
  • 1 Intense Attitude Thigh Pad made from high quality PVC material
  • 1 Pair Atmos Batting Gloves with pre-cuved filled finger rolls for protection,flexibility and comfort
  • 1 Attitude Abdominal Guard made with Traditionally shaped padded guard
  • 1 Intense Attitude Arm Guard made from high quality PVC material
  • Packed with DSC Valence Target Kit Bag made from highly durable material with foam padding