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BAS Bow 20/20

SKU: AAC-BAS-B2020-21-1
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Bat Details:

Grade: 1
Weight: 1207 gm
Handle: Semi Oval
Edge Size: 36 mm
Spine Height: 62 mm
Toe Size: 26 mm
Toe Type: Semi Rounded
  • The BAS BOW 20-20 bat was designed for Hashim Amla which offers a combination of exciting stroke play and classical technique
  • It's suitable for all forms of the game weather you are looking for a well-considered approach or a big-hitting game
  • The BOW 20-20 cricket bat is handmade using Grade A lightweight English willow
  • This range of the BOW bats are specially made for international batsmen as the willow is selected for a Test match and ODI cricket