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cricket batting helmets

Choose the Right Cricket Batting Helmets- Saves Yourself from Injury

Selecting the proper cricket batting helmets is the most crucial of all the preparations you must do if you want to play the game successfully.

However, finding the right cricket batting helmets can be tricky, considering wearing something on your head when batting can be very distracting. You have to find the right size, the right weight, and a helmet without flaws. Moreover, the quality should be perfect because you will be facing fast bowlers who will try to hit you on the head, or you will be keeping-wickets where accidents can happen anytime.

How to select the right cricket helmet?

  • Pick a material- A helmet's outer shell should be made of a heavy-duty yet lightweight material to enable it to withstand fast deliveries. To affect the player's ability to concentrate, the interior material should be soft. 
  • Sizing- Measure your head with an inch tape if you are unsure of the size that will suit you the best. You can achieve that by placing an inch-long piece of tape directly above your eyebrow in the centre of your forehead, and then winding it around your head in a full circle. When you get to the middle of your forehead, stop. You will instantly be aware of your size.

Cricket is an unpredictable game; anything can occur at any time. Any team can triumph in a game regardless of the circumstances, and any player can suffer an injury at any time. There is nothing you can do to influence how a game will turn out. However, you can definitely prevent injuries by purchasing the proper gear and caring for your cricket gear, such as your cricket shoes, gloves, helmet, and more.

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