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All About Cricket LLC's Guide to Choosing Stumps and Bails for Your Game

All About Cricket LLC's Guide to Choosing Stumps and Bails for Your Game

If you’re training for cricket, whether at the professional or amateur level, you need high-quality cricket stumps and bails in your setup. Buying these can be a bit confusing if you are new to the sport and unaware of the best materials and types. To help you out, our expert team here at All About Cricket Store has put together an informative guide for choosing cricket stumps and bails for your game. 

Understanding cricket stumps 

In cricket, the wicket is the target area for the bowler's deliveries and is comprised of three wooden posts called stumps. Sitting atop these stumps are two small sticks known as bails. The popping crease (a marked line on the pitch) is where the bowler delivers the ball and determines if a batsman is out. As long as both bails remain on top of the stumps, the wicket is considered intact, and the batsman is still in play. If the ball dislodges one or both bails from the stumps, the wicket is deemed broken, resulting in the batsman being dismissed. 

Types of cricket stumps 

Cricket stumps and bails are best differentiated based on their materials. Each material has specific pros and cons for players, so be sure to know what they are to identify the best for your ground. 

Wooden Cricket Stumps 

Most professionals prefer wooden stumps, which provide a retro and traditional feel to the ground. Older models are not as hard-wearing as plastic stumps and bails, as they tend to warp over time. Here at All About Cricket Store, we offer durable wooden stumps and bails from reputable brands like BAS and GM. BAS’s product has a sturdy cast iron base for added stability. 


Plastic cricket stumps and bails are supplied as a single solid unit, which can limit how you play cricket. However, they can withstand wear and tear and are more cost-effective than wood, making them ideal for practice. We carry high-quality plastic stumps from top brands like DSC. 

Buy cricket stumps and bails.  

Here at All About Cricket Store, we make sure you can get the best value for your money with our affordable selection of cricket stumps and bails. If you find them cheaper elsewhere, let us know, and we’ll match the price!