Top Best Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats

Top Best Kashmir Willow Cricket Bats

The first and most crucial piece of gear for cricket lovers who want to become proficient batsmen is a cricket bat. Kashmir Willow cricket bats and English Willow cricket bats are two of the most sought-after bats in the world of cricket. Because of their fantastic impact with the ball, Kashmir Willow cricket bats are preferred more than other types.


  • SG Sierra Plus Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat-

With a relatively low sweet spot, it is perfect for the Indian pitch. The 3-way insertion of rubber enhanced the flexibility and shock absorption of the bat.

  • Weight- 1150-1250 grams
  • Handle shape-round, Singapore cane handle
  • Edge thicknesses- 36-40mm
  • Sweet spot- middle
  • Bat Grade- 3


  •  Gortonshire focus Kashmir willow bat-

It is a cricket bat from the Gortonshire series. The blade's curvature is intended to deliver strong performance. Traditionally shaped for excellent playing stability. It has a Chetvek grip.


  • Weight- 1100-1230 grams
  • Handle shape-round, Sarawak Cane handle
  • Edge thicknesses-37-40 mm


  • SS Retro 20/20 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat Size SH-

It has the latest 2021 design from the SS brand. This bat has a perfect body balance because of its perfect edge thickness. It comes with an SS authenticity hologram.

  • Weight- 1120-1240 grams
  • Handle shape-round, Sarawak cane handle
  • Sweet spot- middle
  • Edge thickness- 34-39 mm


  •  SS Ton Reserve Edition Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat-

It's the elite one, cream of the crop, which comes in the super best grade 1 premium category of the bat. It has the latest shape with TON edges. To achieve maximum power, it is processed naturally. It is traditionally shaped & styled for maximum stability.

  • Weight - 1150-1245 grams approximately
  • Handle shape-round, Sarawak cane handle
  • Edge thickness- 38-41mm