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The Cricketer's Choice: Exploring the Finest English Willow Bats at All About Cricket Store

The Cricketer's Choice: Exploring the Finest English Willow Bats at All About Cricket Store

Cricket bat manufacturers typically use two types of willow: English and Kashmir. Both are up to the task, but the English willow cricket bat is particularly favored for its aesthetically pleasing and lightweight properties. Although considered a hardwood, it has the qualities of softwood, such as the diffuse-porous cell structure, which makes the bat denser, stiffer, and highly resistant to impacts. 

We carry both English and Kashmir willow cricket bats here at the All About Cricket Store. If you prefer English willow, you’re lucky because we have the best handpicked selection from leading brands like Kookaburra, SG, SS, MRF, GM, and Focus. We offer these products at very competitive prices, ensuring you can save money when investing in a high-quality, long-lasting cricket bat. 

If you’re unsure which English willow cricket bat to buy, allow us to suggest some of our best-sellers in this blog. 

Kookaburra Ghost 450

This unbleached English willow bat has a flat power plus shaped face, square edge profile, and a mid-sweet spot ideal for Premier League Level Club Cricket. The Powerdrive includes 12 pieces of select cane handles for power and control. Kookaburra uses naturally dried English willow for this bat for increased durability and performance. 

Kookaburra Kahuna 500

Are you looking for a Grade 2 bat with a square toe and oval handle? Kahuna 500 is a powerful English willow cricket bat with a generous sweet spot and big edges for more control. Kookaburra used high-quality unbleached English willow, which adds a traditional and timeless aesthetic to the bat. 

SG Players Edition – size 6

Made with the finest hard-pressed and traditionally shaped English willow, this bat ensures superb strokes every time. Shocks are easily absorbed without compromising flexibility with specially formulated cork inserts for the imported cane handle. In addition, the traditional round cane handle delivers optimum control and grip.

SS Ton Player Edition – size 6

This air-dried  features the latest shape with very light pick-up and greater TON edges. Despite the huge playing area, the bat maintains an ideal and well-balanced weight. 

Keep exploring our selection here at All About Cricket Store to find the perfect English willow cricket bat for your next game. If it’s cheaper elsewhere, we’ll match the price. We also offer complimentary shipping when you spend over $200 (US) or $400 (Canada).