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Mastering Craftsmanship: The Role of Machine Knocking in Bat Production

Mastering Craftsmanship: The Role of Machine Knocking in Bat Production

If you’ve been playing cricket for some time, then you know that knocking-in your bat is important to prolong its lifespan and enhance its quality. But what exactly does machine knocking do? What are its benefits? Here at All About Cricket, we want to share more details about the process and why it matters. 

If you need to knock in your bat, you don’t have to look elsewhere because we can do this for you. Our knocking-in service will prepare your bat and ensure it’s ready for play. Keep reading to learn more about our machine-knocking process and how it will help your gear.  

About machine knocking  

An electric knocking machine prepares your cricket bat by delivering consistent and efficient knock distribution across the face for optimum performance. It’s quicker than manually tapping with an old ball or mallet. Plus, it provides uniform compression within the willow to make the fibers more resilient and less susceptible to damage. Ultimately, machine knocking enhances your bat’s longevity and durability.  

If you have a new bat, send it to us for machine knocking to prevent premature cracking and indentations. Cricket balls that repeatedly hit your bat’s weakest points can cause big cracks and make shards of wood fly.  

To get the best results from machine knocking a cricket bat, the machine needs to deliver around 10,000 strikes across the entire area of the bat that will be making contact with the ball during a game. At All About Cricket Store, we complete this process in 2 to 3 business days. Additionally, we will thoroughly oil the bat to seal the moisture and round the edges to prevent cracking. 

We also offer a ‘fully knocking’ service where your bat will be machine-knocked 10,000 times across the playing area before we manually knock it to increase its game readiness. We can complete this in 8 to 10 business days or sooner, depending on our workload.  

Other services to complement machine-knocking 

Aside from machine knocking your cricket bat, we also offer other services: 

  • Scuff sheet - We’ll apply a high-quality GM scuff sheet on the face of your bat to protect it from losing moisture. This also stops cracks from extending. GM’s scuff sheets are known for their excellent elasticity, which lasts long and resists cracks, even against the strongest hits.  
  • Toe bind - Are you worried about yorker deliveries damaging your bat’s toe? Our toe binding service will add an extra layer of protection to it.  

Getting started  

Are you interested in our machine knocking service for your cricket bat? Be sure to send a return shipping label with your gear so we can process it quickly. Book the service here, check out, and pay online to get started.