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Top Picks from All About Cricket

Gear Up for Success: Top Picks from All About Cricket Store

Cricket is loved and played all over the world, having started in England in the 1500s. It's become deeply ingrained in many cultures due to its long history. 

If you love playing cricket, then you know that the quality of your gear — from your bat and ball to your shoes and safety apparel — plays a critical role in your safety and performance out in the field. Not sure which gear to choose? Here are some of All About Cricket's top picks that can help elevate your game. 


Let’s start with cricket's core equipment: the bat. A high-quality bat allows for more accurate and powerful hits. At All About Cricket Store, there's a wide selection of top-notch bats from well-known brands such as SS, SG, GM, and Kookaburra. You have the option to pick from a variety of willow types, including English, Kashmir, or fibre. 

For example, the SG IK Extreme features a handle made from imported cane with unique cork inserts for better flexibility and to minimize shock. Plus, it comes encased in a padded fabric cover complete with adjustable straps for easy carrying. 

Protection gear 

Cricket, being a fast game, demands that players wear the right safety gear. This includes everything from head helmets to hand gloves and leg guards known as cricket batting pads. At All About Cricket Store, you'll find a broad selection of durable and reliable protective equipment from leading brands. For example, the Shrey Master Class Air 2.0 helmet not only has a tough outer shell but also an advanced system for better airflow and a snug fit, thanks to its cushion pads and extended back. 

For protecting your hands while batting, consider the SS Millenium Pro Batting Gloves. These gloves are made of high-quality leather and are designed to fit the shape of your fingers perfectly for easier movement. They come with a large, sticky strip to fasten them around your wrists and include a material that soaks up sweat, keeping your hands dry during the game. 

Cricket stumps and bails 

Have you seen the SG Club  Cricket Stumps and Bails? It comes as a full-size match setup, offering a natural wood look with a smooth finish. Crafted from strong wood material, the set includes 6 stumps and 2 sets of bails, ready for play.

Everything you need for cricket is available at the All About Cricket Store. Explore this website to see our selection! Can’t find what you need? Call us at 3127527096.